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Al-Ezza Group owns, with its engineering arm, (Al-Ezza General Contracting Company) and the rest of the group's companies; An impressive biography in the field of executing huge and successful projects and contracting.

Centralized in Iraq, it is known for its contracting services. AL-EZZA GROUP belongs to the top contractors in the construction industry, and in addition to being considered the most efficient, it carries the most ambitious objectives in the field of maintaining the prestige and friendliness with the suppliers, selling subcontractors work, and the quality of the services, and various other specifications, such as the ability to develop and make sure to bring value to the customer, while also working on revolving and continuous developments.

About our activities

Al-Ezza Group's companies include Al-Ezza General Contracting Company; With an impressive biography about the company's extensive and successful projects throughout the country. Whether through individual contracts for the company or through partnership contracts with major well-known companies in the field of local and international contracting, the company has achieved great success in implementing and managing many contracting projects in the industrial, infrastructure, and other service fields of important and vital projects.

Our companies operating in this field

Al-Ezza Group Contracting Projects

Wastewater treatment plants planning, implementation, and operation

Al-Ezza Group presents the design, implementation, and operation of wastewater treatment plants. It aims to define the key elements that make up a wastewater treatment plant along with the critical components for sucessful plant design, operation, and maintenance. Finally, Al-Azza Group case studies of how a variety of plants are designed, built, and operated like:

  • Karbala Sewage Treatment Plant (Phases III and IV)
  • Networks and sewers in western Baquba
  • Sewage network of Al-Nida district in Baghdad
  • Sewage network of Hay Al Salam neighborhood in Maysan
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Planning, implementation, and operation of portable water plants

We believe water stations are an effective way to improve access to potable water in remote areas by reducing trip cost and travel time. Al-Ezza Group situates conventional water stations within broader designs for sustainable water-use.Then maps a range of various station designs and assesses the costs, time and challenges involved in a large-scale implementation like:

  • Balad Water Project
  • Jurf Al-Nasr and Alexandria Project
  • Musayyib Water Project
  • Zu’hur Water Project
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Planning and implementation of roads and bridges

Al-Azza Group is committed to the development and construction of all types of road and bridge projects, be it for urban, industrial, commercial or rural areas. We handle the construction of roads, including highways, , major roads, express roads, foundations and bridges like:

  • Al Mafraq Bridge in Diyala
  • Maytham Al-Tamar Bridge in Karbala
  • Nader Bridge in the province of Babylon
  • Al-Batira bridge in  Emara
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Design, implementation, and management of cities and residential buildings projects

Al-Ezza Group is one of the most prominent building contractors on the Arab markets and is the new developer of cities and residential buildings. With over 10 years of experience and many  subsidiaries, the business is strategically established in Iraq

  • Elchaab’s Complex
  • Al Daoudi Commercial Complex
  • Houlum Baghdad complex
  • Asriya Complex
  • Sahab Tower
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