Education For All

Education is one of the main fundamentals of human development. Al-Ezza Group is dedicated to supporting the educational system in Iraq. The company contributes a lot of its resources and funds to different institutions across all sectors including politics, culture and media, as well as human resources.

This will lead to achieving some of the goals set by the Iraqi constitution, including its goal of building a civil state that guarantees equality for all citizens.

About Our Activity

Al-Ezza Group owns eight universities across Iraq and has acquired two of the oldest universities in Iraq,  as an action to help students get a good education anywhere in the region including Iraq. The company's main purpose is to provide quality education for all Iraqi citizens.It aims to produce a competitive workforce with critical thinking and problem solving skills.
It is also committed to building on the existing strengths of its universities in order to strengthen their curriculums, infrastructures and academic research base.

Our Mission in This Field

In 1921, Iraq established its education system. The Iraqi government invested heavily in education and health after oil prices rose in 1972, earning recognition from UNESCO. This allowed at the time to close many gaps in the field of literacy and increase student enrollment at all levels of education, making Iraq one of the leading Middle Eastern countries in the health and education sectors.

With these accomplishments in mind, Al-Azza Group hopes to re-establish Iraq's international standing by investing aggressively in its academic system.

Supporting Students With Entrepreneurial Ideas

Innovative, future-oriented, promising

Changing the system by eliminating those walls and allowing non-students to enter the campus. This will allow students to interact with each other on a daily basis, which will hopefully create a more harmonious environment.

Non-students are not going to be able to take advantage of the resources that are available for students only, but they can still benefit from them

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Shaping futures of industries through Education

We shape futures of industries through education. We work at the intersection of business and technology playing a role in continuous digital business innovation, disruptive startup ventures and global thought leadership.

Together, we can play a massive role in changing industries for the better and shape futures.

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Turning ideas into a reality

We are creating a network of incubators designed to support students with entrepreneurial ideas that they can turn into businesses.

The students have ideas for startups, but they don't know where or how to start this process.

The Al-Ezza Group’s incubator network provides resources that can help guide them in developing their businesses from ideaphase 1, all the way through launch.

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